Staying fit on holidays: the struggle is real

FullSizeRender (1)So, I’m on holiday. In lovely southern France no less. I’ve escaped the Brexit chaos and I am currently cooking myself, wearing a lot of SPF (I am as pale as milk and barely tan), and eating way too much cheese for my own good.

That’s part of the struggle: French food. I have a love/hate relationship with dairy and gluten. Both bloat me terribly, and I mean TE-RRI-BLY, but, I find both of them irresistible. To make matters worse, France is painfully good at bread and cheese, so every time I refuse myself a piece of either, a little voice in my head says “come on, you won’t eat this in England anyway, you’re on holiday!”. My willpower is reduced to zero, and my tummy swollen like a party balloon. It really is silly because I end up feeding – for lack of a better word – all of my insecurities: when I’m bloated I feel fat, I hate myself for having no willpower and on and on I go.

In terms of fitness, the super hot weather means I barely have any excuses to not do any Yoga, so I’ve been practising quite often. Running is a bit difficult at the moment due to the heat and certain endometriosis symptoms that are really getting on my nerves.

Holidaying is wonderful, but it’s also a massive challenge to any habits you build up up until the time you go away. It’s so easy for me to go into couch-potato mode and want to lie on the sofa and eat ice-cream – see? I did it again! Bloody dairy!