What I mean by “running”


I am back from my holidays and counting the days til the endo knocks me down, or some random spell of fatigue glues me to my sofa. I figured that it would be useful to write about what I do when I am good, which is a lot of “running”.

“Running”, with inverted commas, is what I do after putting on my sportsbra, a clean pair of leggings, and an old t-shirt. It usually involves the following:

  1. A brisk trot, usually lasting for 5 minutes, after which I slow down, try not to spit out my lungs, while I adjust my pony-tail.
  2. A bit of power-walking, taking stock of whats hurting – usually it’s the uterus and my left ovary – and setting myself a target in the near distance: “See that tree Jess? You reach that tree, you start running again”.
  3. A faster run, normally due to one of my dogs seeing a rabbit, during which I am dragged for a good while – yeah, I am attached to two sausage dog mixes – while I try not to collapse or trip over.
  4. Another power-walk, until I get home and do Yoga, because if I don’t stretch, I will pay for it the next day.

And that’s it. The way my body works at the moment, I cannot run in the generally accepted way. I may have a good day and be able to do a 4k run, but it will involve some stop and start, and moments in which I basically just walk. The brilliance of this method is that it never fails to make me feel better: no matter how little I manage that day, I still managed something, and aiming to do just a bit of “running”, means that anything I can add to my modest objective, will make me feel like Usain Bolt 😛